C205 - Crack Control in Concrete Masonry Walls

This presentation addresses the proper application of empirical crack control measures into concrete masonry wall systems as presented in NCMA TEK 10-2D. It includes causes of cracking, use of control joints and horizontal reinforcement to minimize cracking, details and banding (mixing courses of clay and concrete masonry). 

(1 hr. LU/HSW)

Learning Objectives

  1. Causes of cracking in concrete masonry

  2. How to minimize cracking potential

  3. How to control cracking through the use of reinforcement and control joints

  4. How to maintain the fire resistance rating of a concrete masonry wall at a control joint

Keywords: banding, bond beams, carbonation, concrete masonry, construction details, control joints, crack control, expansion joints, joint reinforcement, movement, reinforcing steel, shrinkage, thermal movement, wall movement

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