C204 - Grouting Concrete Masonry Assemblies

This presentation addresses the requirements and procedures of grouting concrete masonry wall systems per the I-Codes and The Masonry Society Standards TMS 402 and 602. It includes material, inspection, testing, and placement requirements.

(C204Db - 1 hr. LU/HSW)

Learning Objectives:

  1. ASTM and Code requirements for masonry grout materials.

  2. The difference between self-consolidating grout and conventional grout per code.

  3. The inspection and testing requirements for grout for concrete masonry as required by the building code

  4. Placement requirements for grout for concrete masonry per code.

Keywords: admixtures, aggregates, cleanouts, consolidation, demonstration panel, grout for concrete masonry, grouting, lift height, pour height, puddling, reinforced concrete masonry, self-consolidating grout, slump, testing

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