C104 - Concrete Masonry Overview

This presentation covers a basic overview of concrete masonry systems and materials; including how concrete masonry units are manufactured, masonry terminology, masonry mortars, masonry grouts, and construction practices and requirements. This program is best suited for those with little to no background in concrete masonry systems or materials; or for those desiring a refresher course in concrete masonry. The information presented here is built upon in more advanced topics covered in other programs by NCMA.

(50 slides – 1 hr. LU/HSW)

Learning objectives

  1. The different types of manufactured concrete products and the process by which they are produced.

  2. Masonry-specific terminology and definitions; including code-specific terms as well as regional nomenclature.

  3. The standards covering manufactured concrete products and the relevant physical requirements stipulated within these standards.

  4. Products and materials used in the construction of concrete masonry systems, including reinforcing steel, grout, and mortar; and the relevant code provisions covering these materials.

Keywords: concrete masonry, mortar, grout, masonry terminology, masonry standards, ASTM specifications, masonry design, masonry construction, masonry overview.

Access Type

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